Domaine de Pont Le Voy

chemin de Saint-Paul
30330 Saint-Paul-les-Fonts

Xavier Dumas

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Domaine De Pont Le Voy was founded in 1828 by Jules Morel. Seven generations later, Xavier Dumas is head of this family undertaking, and has been since 1995.

Having started out with just a few acres as part of their dowry, the Morels, and their descendants after them, improved and enlarged the Domaine, even overcoming war to pass down this magnificent piece of land to the next generations. 

 Xavier Dumas now farms some 50 hectares of CDR and CDR Villages AOC. His focus is on showcasing and raising awareness of Villages Laudun AOC wines.

‘Les Lauzes’ is the Domaine’s flagship cuveé, created in 1996 and matured over the years to reach its present level of complexity. This rich blend of terroirs, varietals and vinification techniques is remarkable for its layers of flavour – well-ripened red fruit and spices - leading to outstanding length on the finish, patiently acquired through a lengthy period of oak-ageing. All the iconic Rhône varietals are here – Grenache and Syrah as well as Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre – giving Les Lauzes’ its unique character.

Cinsault is a historic varietal sometimes maligned for its lightness, but here it balances the robust Cinsault beautifully. Cinsault is often another pariah, but its flavours are unrivalled.  Meanwhile Mourvèdre, with its antioxidant properties, gives the wine good ageing potential.

The vines grow across two very different terroirs: some on red clay slopes with no limestone content, on a rocky ridge – these give tannins and good structure. The grapes always ripen fully here, even in the more difficult years. The second terroir comprises slopes of sandy, loamy clay, giving fresher, fruitier grapes to add elegance and roundness – a feminine touch.

In 1996, Les Lauzes contained only 2 varietals from a single terroir. Thanks, however, to the winemakers’ long-term outlook and their readiness to experiment, every year has brought a new discovery, and the cuvee has evolved into something altogether delightful. Moreover, the length of time for which the wine matures – and Xavier Dumas’ patience in releasing it for sale – guarantee that you will be tasting something to dazzle your palate, chosen from very varied vintages.

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