Domaine Rouvre Saint Leger

La Ferme De Rouveyrolle
30290 Laudun

Adrien Borrelly

+33 (0)6 17 33 80 26

Opening hours:
By appointment

For Adrien Borrelly and Didier Dumont, Domaine Rouvre Saint Léger is the result of a shared dream: to find the true quintessence of terroir.

To pursue our quest we selected just one hectare from the 60 hectares owned by the Borrelly family, choosing it for the nature of its terroir, the quality of its grapes and its sun exposure.

This one hectare allows us to work with craftsman-like precision on each stage of the vine and wine cycle. We intend to focus our care and attention on this small area to try and define its quintessence.


Adrien Borrelly comes from a long line of winegrowers established at Domaine de La Rouveyrolle in Laudun since 1683 – 12 generations ago. After studying viticulture and oenology, Adrien turned to the family vineyards to pursue his quest for excellence, and works with the best plots of each varietal.

His goal is to extract the very best expressions of typicity from his terroir and the Côtes de Rhône varietals.

Didier Dumont was born in Italy and lives in Avignon. He came to Laudun, to the Ferme Saint Léger to restore its 16th century buildings and viticultural heritage. The farm had been broken up in 1980. Didier has enjoyed an international career including 15 years in Latin America, where he followed the fortunes of New World wines and became convinced that France should look at developing the typicity of its terroirs and pursue excellence in its blends, a way to address the ‘sameness’ of single-varietal wines. 

His objective is to support a young organisation as it works to build up the connections between tradition, craftsmanship and professionalism. 

Adrien and Didier share a passion for wine, a quest for balance, a family tradition of winegrowing and international business experience, and aim to make Rouvre Saint Léger a benchmark towards which everyone can strive.


At the heart of the southern Côtes du Rhône on the right bank of the river, the Laudun terroir is easily recognisable for its rounded pebbles; these store up the heat of the Provençal sun by day and release it back by night. The old vines draw mineral salts from the soil before plunging their roots into the depths to find moisture in one of the many underground water veins criss-crossing the plateau of Mont Jupiter. As well as excellent soils, the appellation enjoys good sun exposure and plenty of wind. Although not so great for people, the Mistral has a crucial role to play in the vineyard: drying out the vines after rainstorms and contributing to grape health. With appellation yields set at 40hl/ha, these pebbly soils allow the vines to produce extremely high quality grapes.



From a 60-hectare Domaine we selected 1½ hectares of the best parcels along a north facing, windward slope on a terroir particularly suited to the varietals we had in mind. The grapes we wanted to use for our Côtes du Rhône were Grenache and Syrah for reds and Viognier and Roussanne for whites. Our methods are very traditional. We work closely with the soils and the vines, carefully monitoring every plant right through to vinification and barrel ageing. We focus on every stage of the vine and wine cycle with pinpoint precision, making no concessions to yield. This gives us a relatively modest production level of 5,000 bottles (2,500 red and 2,500 white) which is as valuable for its limited quantity as for its outstanding quality.

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